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All your payment needs - in one app

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It all starts with an immersive blue screen.

Here, everything is designed to get straight to the point - whether you want to know what your account balance is or spend your money, regardless of whether you have one or ten bank accounts. Simplicity, instantaneity, and security are combined - in each action - to make sure that the app which you use on a daily basis is the best in the world.


Lydia now unites the best of mobile payments and the key features of banking apps:

  • Monitor all your bank accounts
  • Make bank transfers
  • Create online money pots
  • Pay back friends by text message and email
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay
  • Pay with a QR code
  • Set recurring payments
  • Create 安卓手机加速
  • Apple Pay
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With your phone, you can see and do everything. Only you can access this information, since each of the app's advanced features is protected by biometric security.

  • Instant payment receipts
  • Block your payment cards
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You didn't realise that this was even possible. So we created exclusive tools for you, before you could have even dreamt them up.

  • A universal card linked to all your accounts
  • Dynamic virtual cards
  • A universal IBAN account (coming soon)
  • Joint accounts



  •   蓝鲸加速器 安卓 friends and loved ones easily with Lydia
  •   Create a money pot for shared gifts
  •   Spend the balance on your Lydia account from your phone
  •   Withdraw money from your Lydia account
  •   Make online purchases safely and securely
Download Lydia


  •   Pay back friends and loved ones for all occasions with Lydia
  •   Make all your purchases using contactless payments on your phone
  •   Create shared accounts with friends and family for everyday needs or special occasions
  •   Use your Lydia card anytime and anywhere thanks to 0 fees abroad
  •   Take advantage of 0% commission on money pots
  •   Synchronize all your bank accounts in your Lydia app
  •   Make online purchases safely and securely
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